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Healthy Eating Policy

Healthy Eating Guidelines               


What people eat is known to be one of the key factors influencing long term health of school children.  The school day provides the opportunity for having at least one of the daily meals within the school.  The curriculum provides an opportunity to learn and explore about food and healthy lifestyles.  Through these guidelines Callystown National School aims to help all those involved in our school community in developing responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.


1. Parents should ensure that children have a balanced diet to help them learn and concentrate better in school.


2. A healthy lunchbox includes a helping of food from the first four shelves of the food pyramid.

( http://www.fooddudes.ie/html/kids_healthy.html)


3.    Chewy/sticky bars and sweets are not advisable at any time

4.    Healthier choices of drinks include milk and water.

Pure unsweetened juices may be included but only as part of their lunch meal, to

reduce the risk of tooth decay.

5.    Cans, glasses, chewing gum, peanuts and crisps are not permitted due to allergies

and litter reasons.  Foods which have wrappers are to be kept to a minimum and disposed of properly to reduce litter and protect our school environment.


6.    Nutrition and healthy eating will be included as part of the primary school curriculum.

7.   Teachers and staff will provide modelling and support attitudes to encourage     healthy eating.


8.    ‘Healthy Eating Awareness Days’ will be held during the year as an incentive to encourage healthy eating at school and at home.


9.  The ‘Healthy Eating Guidelines’ will be reviewed on an annual basis and the policy will be visibly displayed in the school.




 School Lunches


Callystown National School has a Healthy Eating Policy. At the school we aim to help the children to develop a responsible attitude to eating and an appreciation of the contribution that good food makes to a healthy life. An integral part of this policy is what your child brings to school for his/her lunch. In order to help with healthy lunches please take note of the information below. As part of our Healthy Eating Policy we would be grateful if you would take time to read the following information on school lunches.

Morning Break

Pupils should bring one piece of fruit (of suitable size and diced or peeled if necessary) for morning break.

The pupils will eat this fruit in the school yard and put cores or skins into the bins provided.


Drinks:       Water, milk, diluted squashes

Also (but not for infant classes)

Fruit drink cartons (not Capri Sun), Actimels and other yoghurt drinks.

Sandwiches:        which can include bread, crackers, roll, pitta bread, wraps or rice cakes.

Spreads :    Butter, margarine, jam and mayonnaise. (No nutella or peanut butter as there are a number of children with serious allergies to these products in the school.)

Dairy:         Cheese and yoghurt ( not for infants) and no Frubes.

All Fruit ,Vegetables and Salad


What is not allowed: Bars, biscuits, buns, cakes, cereal bars, chocolate of any sort on anything, crisps, nuts, Lunchables, commercial dips, fruit winders, chewing gum and fizzy drinks.

Tea Towels:         Your child should bring a tea towel so that he/she has a clean surface to eat his/her lunch on.

Portions:    Please send suitable and sensible quantities of food with your child.  Pupils will have approximately 10 mins to eat their lunch.


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