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Christmas Poetry and Artwork 2011

These Christmas Clay Characters were beautifully crafted by

Ms. Clayton’s and Ms. King’s classes.


Conor’s Christmas Poem

Oh I love Christmas

It is very jolly

I like to see

Someone with holly!

To see my family

Having fun

Is a great thrill

For everyone!

Oh the Christmas dinner

Turkey and trifle

What a lovely treat

It is such an eyeful

All types of games

I love to play

With my family together

On Christmas Day.

by Conor (Ms. Deery’s Class)

 Picture by Emily: Ms. McClean’s 5th Class

The Christmas Fairy

I am the Christmas fairy

And everything I see

With a wand and crown

As I look down from the top branch of the tree

I see the lights all shining bright

And cards hung on the wall

Lots of sweets and Christmas treats

For visitors when they call

I am the Christmas fairy

I’ll remember all I saw

When I get down

I’ll be back around standing nice and tall

By Róisín and Rian (Ms. McClean’s 5th Class)

 Picture by Emma: Ms. McClean’s 5th Class

Samuel’s Christmas Poem


I like Christmas

It’s lots of fun

Making a snowman

With everyone.

Santa is bringing

Gifts for us

On Christmas Day

Lots of fuss.

Turkey and Ham

Wobbly Jelly

Orange juice

A big full belly!

By Samuel (Ms. Boylan’s 3rd Class)

Picture by Megan: Ms. McClean’s 5th Class




Ever Jolly


Venue, The Workshop

Evil, No way !!!!!!!!

Smiles everywhere

By Amy and Cormac

Picture by Rachel: Ms. McClean’s 5th Class

I Love Christmas

Christmas is so delightful

It’s time to laugh and cheer.

Lots of presents under the tree

No time for sadness or fear.

Christmas is a happy time

It’s time to have some fun

A big bang woke me up

It was Santa and I gave him a bun

He brought me up the chimney

He took me for a spin.

Santa fell asleep

Then we crashed into a bin.

I woke Santa up

We went back in the air.

When we looked down at the Earth

Everything was covered in snow down there

By Samuel and Adam (Ms. McClean’s 5th Class)



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  1. I DID THAT! Mine the penguin in the front second pic and its wearing a green and white scarf!!!!!

  2. I love ALL of them. They’re all really good!

    HI EVERYONE I’M SHARON!!!! he he he!

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