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Our School Podcasts

These podcasts can be listened to individually. They may take some time to load depending on the speed of your broadband connection.

“Sunny Day”: School Choir 12/13: Podcast 13

“Love Changes Everything”: Mr. Barnes’ 5th Class 09/10Podcast 12

“Na Trí Mhuca”: Ms. Deery’s Senior Infants 08/09: Podcast 11

“Ciumhais Charraig Aonair” by Shaun Davey : School Choir 08/09: Podcast 10

“Is Clogherhead Like It Used to Be”: School Choir 08/09: Podcast 9

“Réaltín, Réaltín”: Mrs. Greene’s Senior Infants & Ms. Murphy’s 1st & 2nd Classes 08/09: Podcast 8

Excerpt from”The Witches”: Ms. Slevin’s 3rd Class 08/09: Podcast 7

“The Cutie Monster”: Ms. Lally’s 3rd Class 08/09: Podcast 6

“A hAon, a Dó, a Trí”: Ms. O’Kane’s Junior Infants 08/09: Podcast 5

“The School Choir” 08/09: Podcast 4

“The Wild”: Ms. Brodigan’s 3rd Class 08/09: Podcast 3

“An Chailleach Gránna”: Mr. Barnes’ 5th Class 08/09: Podcast 2

“Conversation Composition”: Ailish & Amber 08/09: Podcast 1

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  1. Hi Jessica Kenny here in first year in Dunleer.

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