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Green Schools News

Our school joined

The Green Schools Programme on Water

in February 2013.

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Our aim is to

1. Save water in the school

2. Make children, parents and the wider community aware of the importance of Water


There are seven essential steps to the Green Schools Programme.

  1. The Committee
  2. The Environmental Review
  3. The Action Plan
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Curriculum Work
  6. Informing and Involving
  7. Green Code

This is some of the work we have undertaken in the process:

  • Committee meet monthly.
  • Two students from each class have been chosen, from 3rd class up.
  • Flush in toilets has been reduced. 3 litres per flush saved.
  • Taps have been changed for efficiency.
  • Tom and Mr. McGinnity do regular water readings.
  • Survey done by children on water usage: Toilet flushing and taps.
  • Project done on where water comes from.
  • Tom is harvesting water to wash the bins.
  • Noticeboard in school hall with “actions” on display.
  • Electricity monitor in each classroom.
  • Thermometers in each classroom.
  • Green schools prefect chosen.
  • Bulbs changed to lower wattage.
  • Curriculum work completed by each class.
  • Water Slogan Competition: Winner- Kacey.
  • Winning slogan on display in every classroom.
  • Water Character Competition: Winner- Abbie, with ‘Walter the Waterboy’.
  • Water surveys: Running water while brushing teeth & Length of time in the shower.

Results on display in school hall.

  • Updates on newsletter.
  • Updates at assemblies.
  • Information facts about water on display around the school
  • SAMSUNGphoto (2)

Ms. McClean’s Class visited a WATER TREATMENT PLANT in Drogheda






We asked all our school families to complete a



Water Usage Survey

We were presented our GREEN FLAG for Water

in May 2014.

Green Flag 2014_pe

Oliver Kirwan,

Clogherhead Development Group

raised the flag at a special assembly.


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